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          It is the flagship product of Anson Finance and the main aim is to provide uncomplicated and easy loans to consumers who are reluctant to approach banks due to the stringent rules and procedures. Customers who own gold jewelry or ornaments can pledge the same and draw cash against it.

          AFL has got different plans to suit the customers’ needs. The main advantage of gold loan is the absence of lengthy documentation procedures. Anyone who wishes to avail a gold loan can just walk in to any of the branches of Anson. By just providing their address proof and ID proof they can avail the loan against the value of gold in a jiffy.

FAQ's associated with gold loan  

How much loan amount can be availed.The loan amount is calculated based on the weight of gold. maximum loan amount prescribed by the RBI.

Can I pledge ornaments studded with stones. Yes, you can. The weight of the stone will be reduced while arriving at the amount of loan.

What documents do I need to produce. Passport Govt. of India election ID card with address proof,  PAN card with address proof, Driver's licence,  Any Govt. departmental ID card,  We are bound by and follow KYC norms as per the regulator's guidelines.
  Will I be informed if my loan becomes overdue.Yes, you will be informed of the same by notice on the address given.