Today, Anson Group stands proud on the portal of development as one of the leading NBFC in the state of Kerala. The visionary zeal, constant innovation and customer-oriented product & service delivery deployed at every phase of its growth are indeed exemplary. And Anson Group is now all set to go places, backed by its assets built by extraordinary people and high values. With the guiding principles of honesty, sincerity, confidence and service, Anson Group has indeed come a long way. These values continue to drive all business decisions of the Group Companies.

              With customer-centric products and services to offer, the Group has been constantly innovating and evolving to deliver superior products, transparent workplace practices, easy accessibility and personalized services at all levels. Perhaps why, Anson Group has earned the trust of thousands of customers and associates across the country.

              The company offers a wide range of financial products to its discerning customers. Anson is in a position to fulfil all the financial requirements of its clients, thus making it an ideal choice for smart customers.

  Board of Directors

  Sony Mathew - Managing Director
  Sils K Jose - Director
  Joby George -Director
  Antony K T -Director